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cell transplantation and T1D

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Beta-cell replacement therapies have the potential to replace insulin injection as treatments for diabetes and the secret for the success of this kind of interventions could be enclosed into Elastislet bioengineered capsule. Learn more about its constituent smart biomaterials from our in-depth article on Elastin-like Recombinamers.

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As a team working on developing an innovative cell therapy for type 1 diabetes, we well know the importance of fostering a better understanding of diabetes and the efforts the biomedical research is doing to tackle it. To raise awareness and promote knowledge in this field, in the frame of Elastislet, we have developed two educational projects designed for reaching teachers, school students, families, children and any other people interested in playing!



HelpingBeta is a videogame. By answering the proposed questions and following code instructions like a robot, players can test their knowledge about the disease, discover Elastislet’s research and help the videogame character Beta to start her journey. The videogame is available in English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. We hope you'll enjoy it.


Discover the Isle of Elastislet is a game based on the same concepts of the HelpingBeta, but players need to use both a web application and a physical environment to play. It is particularly suitable as an outdoor/open space game.
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